A lone being sends signals out into space. The message is simple—a gesture of kinship. An invitation to say: Ako pud. Me too.
Russ Ligtas, on this first solo exhibition after seven years, broadcasts into the void a simulation of individual reality—the world of one’s own. Projected in its intersecting layers and gradations, this homeworld unravels the dynamics that make a singular perception: the dance of the conscious and the subconscious, the feminine-masculine power struggle, pervading preoccupations such as love, death and isolation—the internal construct of the collective whole manifested into tangible form.
This is the ontological landscape where one’s mind resides, presides over being and becoming, and observes the voids and voices of soliloquy. Where one is creator and emissary of an uncanny, fantastical, and extraordinary realm but only ever just ANOTHERWORLD.