The Seat of My Manhood Has Four Legs

Time: August 22, 2009 / approx. 8 mins.
Space: Gamayng Gallery, Turtle's Nest Book Cafe
Collaborators: Liyo Denorte (performer), Apiong Bagares & Archie Uy (lights)
Video Documentation: Not Available
Photo Documentation: Apiong Bagares / Archie Uy

The Seat of My Manhood Has Four Legs was a performance commissioned by visual artists Nonon Yee and Dan Guillano for the opening of their exhibition of 2D work titled The Birds and The Bees.

The performance is a lyrical take on the subject of self-gratification, specifically with the male human. In the performance, I became, quite literally, the phallus of my collaborator Liyo Denorte. In the dark, two figures appear to be conjoined by the hips until the figure behind begins to lubricate the figure in front. A sensual dance commences accompanied by Bjork's Bath from the soundtrack of Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 9. The performance then culminates with the phallic figure ejaculating a glob of colored yarn, representing creative energy. The entire dance is performed without any form of lighting save from the flashes made by the cameras of collaborating photographers' Apiong Bagares and Archie Uy. The flashes offer glimpses of the performance to the audience suggesting the secrecy and mystery of creation.