Fucking Narcissus and Vice Versa

Time: April 18, 2009 / approx. 10 mins.
Space: Gamayng Gallery, Turtle's Nest Book Cafe and Gallery
Collaborators: Liyo Denorte (performer), Apiong Bagares (lights)
Video Documentation: Not Available
Photo Documentation: Available [here]

Performance commissioned by Nonon Yee and Dan Guillano for the opening of their exhibition of paintings entitled "Behind Closed Doors". Conceived as a solo performance, I found myself in panic on the night of the performance and hastily requested surprise collaborator Liyo Denorte to perform with me. The result became an intense illustration of man's sexual relationship with himself as a model for his interpersonal relationships. The performance begins with a man entering the room where a mirror and another figure lies. He begins to make love with his image in the mirror, the other figure reacts to his love-making, suggesting his identity as the mirror image. The two eventually copulate with the mirror always in between their genitals. When the human figure is done, he smokes a cigarette and puts it out on the mirror.